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  • FlexRoller is a Gravity Roller Shelf System that ensures products are always fronted to the shelf edge

  • Lane dividers easily adjust to any categories & package type

  • FlexRoller shelves last a minimum of 5 years in the marketplace

  • Shopper marketing where it needs to be – at the shelf

  • Activation of top and bottom shelf




Dynamic Shelving that delivers Space, Range, Inventory & Cost Optimisation

FlexRoller and Beverages
FlexRoller and Energy Drink

A better customer experience


Horizontal & Vertical Space Efficiency

FlexRoller and Beverages

One person can adjust a fully loaded shelf

FlexRoller and Beverages

Fast planogram resets

Marble Surface

Combining the most innovative shelf system (C21™) with the leading roller shelf management system (FlexRoller ™) has resulted in the industry’s first Dynamic Shelving Solution


Watch it in Action


Retail Category Examples

  • Beverages

  • Beer and Wine

  • Cold Vault

  • Confectionery

  • Pet Supplies

  • Paint and Colour

  • Dairy

  • Herbs and Spices

  • Health & Beauty

  • Hair Colouring & Salon

  • Automotive

  • Detergents

  • Canned Goods

  • Plastic Bottles (all sizes)

  • Glass Bottles

  • Cans (many sizes/types)

  • Tetra Packs (shapes)

  • Boxes (many sizes)

  • Jars

  • and more...

  • Convenience

  • Supermarket

  • Service Station

  • Hypermarkets

  • Discounters

  • Hardware

  • Pet Supplies

Alcohol FlexRoller
Alcohol FlexRoller

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Soft Drink FlexRoller
Soft Drink FlexRoller

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Beauty FlexRoller
Beauty FlexRoller

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Alcohol FlexRoller
Alcohol FlexRoller

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Benefits and Results

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We will take care of you!

  • End to End Project Management

  • Warranty, Install and Service options available

  • Wide range of accessories available

  • Personal & Reliable Account Management

  • Customised solutions for specific fixtures

  • Trials and In-Store Demonstrations available

Drive sales up & labour costs down

Comparative store tests in USA and Europe have shown FlexRoller helps to drive sales increases

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ROI - Return on Investment

Ethical Sourcing




SPOS Flexroller sourcing conforms
to the highest possible standards of
ethical sourcing

* An ethical audit conducted by an internationally recognized
certification body based on SA8000 standard.


Why FlexRoller?

Buy Direct

Fast turnaround, even for custom projects, SPOS can adapt Flex Roller to your exact needs.

Planogram Flexibility

Planogram changes made easy with adjustable dividers.

Validated Sales Lift

Proven increase in sales due to product visibility on shelf edge.

Increase Facings

Use horizontal shelving space more effectively with adjustable dividers.

Eliminate Manual Fronting

Reduce labor costs & increase productivity by eliminating the need for employees to organize shelves throughout the day.

Easy Installation

Simply lay FlexRoller onto your existing shelves. Fits all shelving types!

Faster Restocking Time

Rollers reduce stocking time, further decreasing labor cost.


No risk investment

With a 5-year warranty straight out of the box, FlexRoller is a worthy investment that will produce results for years!


In Detail

  • The FlexRoller Layover glide installs on existing gondola or wire shelves.

  • A minimum of a 3 degree angle is required for optimal performance of fronting product on the FlexRoller tray. Depending on product packaging details, a stepper angle (of ~6 degrees) may be beneficial.



Layover with Riser

  • The FlexRoller with Riser glide installs on existing flat gondola shelves.

  • The riser accessory adds the optimal and stable angle that is required for auto-fronting

(vertical space between each shelf)

  • The FlexRoller Gondola shelf is customised to integrate into existing retailer gondola uprights

  • The build-in bracket will create the perfect angle for optimum performance

Gondola Shelf

Pull-out Shelf

  • The FlexRoller pull out angle shelf designed for smaller SKU merchandising that requires maximum packout in a tight vertical space.

  • Tray pulls out using hidden release handles.

  • Easily returns to original position once stocked.

  • Pull-out shelf is also ideal for back loading and restocking of dated products.


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FlexRoller Fridge Measuring Guide