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SPOS Group presents storeinabox, an easy to implement wall bay and retail fit out system with a premium look and feel. The customisable system is composed of a suite of proprietary and bespoke accessories which can be tailored to suit your in store needs. 

storeinabox is a cost effective way to quickly deliver a visually dynamic, performance driven store with minimal outlay and proven results.












The System & Features



Customise the shopinabox system
with your choice of custom finish.

Creating your own colour-way and theme that reflects your brand and develops a unique retail environment is as easy 1-2-3.

Furthermore, the SPOS | iCandy Creative design team are always on hand to provide realistic renders and design consultation to help bring to life your retail vision.


Choice of black, white or customised powder-coat finish to the base structure of the wallbay.


Customise wall bays with shelf finishes, paneling materials and illumination styles to suit your retail environment.


reinforce your brand’s overall look and feel along with providing category navigation for your customers with interchangeable bay header graphics


Wall-bay components are designed to fit against internal perimeter walls of your retail space. Wall-bays come in standard 600 or 900mm width. They can be implemented as a single stand-alone unit, or link together to create a continuous merchandising ‘run’.

Between each wall bay, a divider panel is placed to support illumination, or desired materials to develop your in-store look and feel. Wall-bays units provide the framework to support a wide range of accessories to suit your retail merchandising needs.

600 Wall Bay Chassis
600W x 2200H 400D

• illuminated header
• custom graphics
• pullout storage drawer
• multiple finishes available

900 Wall Bay Chassis
900W x 2200H 400D

• illuminated header
• custom graphics
• pullout storage drawer
• multiple finishes available

Wall Bay Divider Panels

Available as:

• Open frame (no panel)
• Illuminated panel
• Custom Material panel

Wall Bay End Panels

Used at end of multi-bay run.

Metal end-cap supports graphic
mounting accessories


Accompanying the wallbay units, SPOS have developed a suite of freestanding and counter units to complete the fit-out of your retail space. All units are compatible with wallbay accessories providing multiple flexibility throughout your entire store, and ensuring a cost effective solution for your business.

Available in 2-4 bay runs, and can be modified to suit 600 or 900 width fixtures. 
Incl. quick-change magnetic frame header graphics

Promo Unit
Heavy-duty promo unit featuring metal and timber shelves, and custom materials to suit your in store look and feel

Counter Units
A variety of counter top units are available, which can be customised to suit your stock requirements. Designs to suit standing, hang-sell, and gift-card products.

Checkout Unit
Modular Checkout unit featuring integrated storage and cable management, provides ample space for product mer-chandising at checkout. Can be easily customised.


storeinabox system features a wide range of accessories which enable you to configure the system to your needs.

The system is designed with the highest level of flexibility and updatability in-mind meaning that when you want to make changes to your POG, (be it weekly or seasonally) The shopinabox system ensures that changes can be made as quickly and effectively as possible.

Flat Shelf

heavy duty steel shelf - with optional illumination kit

Wood Finish Shelf

heavy duty shelf produced in timber or custom material finish of choice

Flex Roller Shelf

Shelf which auto front-fronts for effective merchandising

Hook Bar

Steel hook bar supporting hooks and slat-wall compatible units

Apparel Rail

Pipe rail for merchandising of various apparel. Available in square or circular configurations


Various lengths, types and finishes available to suit your needs

Dump Bins

Acrylic bins fit into hook-bar to merchandise loose products


Illuminated graphic / product 
glorifier used to highlight product

Security Units

Various units available to add anti-theft security to your store.

Custom design accessories can be developed to suit your specific requirements.